PostNet Franchise CEO Provides “Measured Thoughts” in National Radio Interview

Visionary CEO and co-founder of the leading design, printing and shipping franchise gives in-depth interview on popular business program on SiriusXM

Steve Greenbaum, the visionary CEO and co-founder of PostNet, was recently featured on the esteemed SiriusXM’S business radio program, Measured Thoughts, to discuss how PostNet has continued to evolve its business model, and why the brand is more relevant than ever in 2017.

Measured Thoughts is run out of the Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania and is hosted by the highly regarded professor David Reibstein, who speaks to the luminaries of the business world in order to explore what makes brands successful, with a focus on helping the listening audience make a solid next business decision. Measured Thoughts brought in Steve Greenbaum on an episode devoted to franchising opportunities and the implications it has on small business marketing. Host David Reibstein couldn’t have chosen a better guest, as PostNet excels in helping their small business customers thrive by providing professional marketing, printing and shipping solutions.

“PostNet is a printing, marketing and shipping franchise. We help folks with their creative print needs, and we then can both produce those materials and then distribute all over the world through our global shipping networks with UPS, FedEx, DHL and the U.S. Postal Service,” Steve said on the program. “Our customers have us designing direct mail campaigns, helping with business identity, and that’s anything from logos and branding, to vertical market-specific materials- we work with our customers on not just print but also how to extend their print.”

Host David Reibstein rightly focused on PostNet’s evolution from a shipping company focused on the individual consumer to the leading business-to-business franchise known for providing customized print, marketing and shipping solutions to the 28 million small businesses in the United States.

“Our customers are everything from startup or emerging businesses to companies with 50 employees or more,” Steve told David on the program. “Our sweet spot as a brand is the four to 40 employee based company, which is really small business America, whether it be service-based or home-based. These companies don’t have the budgets to work with some of the larger marketing companies, so we serve as a marketing partner for our customers. But we also haven’t abandoned the individual customer. Obviously, small business owners are individual consumers, and there is still a great deal of demand from individuals for our services. This is why we locate our franchise centers central to the small business community, but conveniently and visibly located to be accessible to consumers. We’re B2B-focused but B2C-friendly.”

PostNet offers a one-stop shop for small business services, including digital printing, marketing and shipping.

Steve also explained how PostNet’s ability to add value to its customers makes the brand a unique business, especially in comparison with the competition:

“The idea of our business model is to add value to our customers, and so when we’re working with businesses or consumers, we’re focused on the end user’s goal – are they trying to drive someone to a website or make the phone ring,” Steve said on the program. “We’re more strategic in ensuring that the print produces results. On the shipping side, it’s more a question of understanding if there are special insurance requirements. Is there a value element that we need to pay attention to in regards to a shipment? Is there a time sensitivity issue? So we’re really more about adding value than brands in any of those specific verticals.”

The conversation shifted to PostNet’s inclusive culture, as well as Steve’s passionate and long lasting support of the franchise industry-at large, for its ability to help entrepreneurs realize the American Dream.

“Culture drives the business,not contracts,” Steve told David. “We think that by having an honest and inclusive (company-wide) culture, that transcends to the customer. It makes PostNet a great place to be. We found franchising to be the best way to create an identity for the brand, to leverage the collective knowledge, where everyone is working together on best practices. This is what franchising brings, and why franchising is unique. Our core focus as a company is to help others succeed and the franchising model allows us to do that.”

We highly encourage you to listen to the entire interview in full, as Steve covers a lot of ground in regards to what makes PostNet a best-bet investment in 2017.

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