What the PostNet Franchise Accomplished in 2014

From new executives to valuable franchisee training, 2014 was a year of growth and success for PostNet

PostNet believes that change and adaptation are integral to success. In the past year, we’ve done just that: growing centers, adding valuable franchisees and cultivating important partnerships to help drive success. Here are some of the things we accomplished in 2014.

Technology upgrades

The redesign of postnet.com is creating a stronger online presence for local PostNet owners.

The redesign of postnet.com is creating a stronger online presence for local PostNet owners.

We completely re-engineered www.postnet.com to make it stand out from typical franchise websites. When you visit most franchise sites, you see a lot of corporate information, but you have to search to find details about local franchisees. It makes the local franchisee almost an afterthought. PostNet franchisees are leaders in their business community, and the new web architecture puts their locations front and center. New visitors to postnet.com are now urged to select the nearest location, and once they pick a center, www.postnet.com will transform into a robust local website geared toward that specific franchisee. The new approach not only gives franchisees the online prominence they deserve — it is also expected to boost sales for franchisees.

PostNet also re-engineered ipostnet.com — an intranet that franchisees use to manage their Neighborhood Business Centers. The platform serves as a portal to a suite of tools, including a tool to monitor customer satisfaction and feedback, a message board that franchisees use to share ideas and collaborate and an online print center that allows franchisees to accept print orders anytime from anywhere. The internal site allows franchisees to see interesting blog posts and marketing tactics that other PostNet centers are using, which makes it easy to spot and incorporate great new ideas. The portal features a robust task management tool that allows franchisees to collaborate more tightly with our business support team, making it easier for franchisees to get help from our headquarters staff in Denver. We designed the site so that franchisees can access their entire suite of tools using a single password.

Optimizing the sales process

To help franchisees take their outbound sales to the next level, PostNet partnered with Sandler and Salesforce. Sandler training helps franchisees build sales confidence and techniques, while Salesforce helps PostNet keep track of sales opportunities and automate some follow-up activities. Together, Sandler and Salesforce give PostNet franchisees the ability to scale their businesses more quickly.

“The goal was to immerse ourselves in a collaborative relationship with Sandler, incorporate them into our conference, create some digital educational opportunities like webcasts and webinars and to make their existing content available to franchisees. This has all been accomplished with great success,” says co-founder Brian Spindel. “In addition to our Sandler partnership, we realized we need a good system to help our franchisees manage the sales process, manage the data and communicate regularly with their customers, so we chose Salesforce.”

Main Street, USA

Matt Kaplan’s PostNet franchise location in downtown Boston is one of several new downtown locations for PostNet.

Matt Kaplan’s PostNet franchise location in downtown Boston is one of several new downtown locations for PostNet.

We also moved into more urban locations: PostNet this year opened downtown locations in Boston, Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania — and we plan to open downtown Neighborhood Business Centers in Dallas, Philadelphia, Austin, Houston and Phoenix. “Downtowns are becoming neighborhoods,” co-founder Steve Greenbaum says. “It’s a perfect time to bring a Neighborhood Business Center downtown.”

It was an exciting year for PostNet, and we look forward to 2015, which is sure to bring more growth opportunities for PostNet and its franchise owners.

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