PostNet Customer Review: They Put Customers’ Best Interests Above All Else

Nathan Moore, who owns the Fried Green Fryer Team, calls PostNet a critical part of his business

Nathan Moore, co-founder of the Fried Green Fryer Team in North Carolina, views PostNet franchise owner Bill Merwitzer and his employees as valuable players in his business.

NathanMoore“I would never call them vendors; they are business partners,” Moore says.

Moore makes the distinction not only because he and Merwitzer have developed a friendship over the past two years but also because PostNet gives owners the tools and processes to run a smooth operation while also encouraging them to let their own personalities shine through. Moore has observed many franchise operations during his time in the food industry and has not always agreed with how some of them have been run. PostNet is different, Moore insists, because the printing franchise “allows the owners to be themselves.”

FGFT_logoIn fact, it’s because of Merwitzer’s sincere and personable demeanor that Moore has continued to do business with his PostNet in Asheville, N.C.

“It’s amazing what PostNet has done, and it tells me that other people can do it as well, provided they have the personality and know what it means to serve others,” says Moore, who started his own company nearly two years ago and is on track to expand the business, which helps restaurants maintain their deep fryers and provides filtration of their cooking oil.

Moore met Merwitzer during a meeting of the Mountain Area Restaurant Vendors, a networking group for local businesspeople. While he instantly liked Merwitzer, he was wary of using a franchise for his printing needs. He didn’t want to be pressured into buying something he didn’t need or hear sales pitches that didn’t apply to his business needs. However, “I quickly realized Bill and his team are different,” Moore said.

Indeed, Merwitzer started off what would become a strong relationship by saying, “I want to learn about your business.” The two were eating at a restaurant client of Moore’s, eating fried food that was cooked in oil that had been filtered using the Fried Green Fryer Team’s services. Merwitzer told Moore he could truly taste the difference between the food they were eating and fried food he has eaten at other restaurants.

“I felt like he really cared about my success,” Moore says.

Soon after that conversation, Moore asked PostNet to make a three-panel backdrop for a trade show booth. He was blown away by the quick turnaround. But he was even more impressed with Merwitzer’s attentiveness when Moore needed binders printed up, and Merwitzer looked through each one to make sure they were free of mistakes. Printers that Moore had used in the past had not been nearly as careful as Merwitzer. In fact, Moore remembers the time he was once given a booklet by another printer with pages that were printed upside down.

Such mess-ups do not happen when Moore uses Merwitzer’s PostNet. After seeing the quality of work PostNet produced, “there was no question who would do my stuff going forward,” Moore says. Now he always leans on Merwitzer’s store, which is just 3 miles away, for various tasks, including typesetting, graphic design work, magnets for employees’ vehicles, and faxing. With PostNet providing his business with so many services, “it’s like they have become a part of my team,” Moore says. The full-time graphic designer at the Asheville printing franchise is top-notch, according to Moore, and recently gave his logo a refreshing look that “really pops.”

Moore provides another anecdote that clearly explains why he returns to Merwitzer’s printing franchise again and again: Merwitzer respects Moore’s determination to run his business without taking on debt. “He wouldn’t sell a bunch of stuff to customers that they don’t need,” Moore says. “He will work with them and make suggestions for what will be best for them.”

The sense that Merwitzer has Moore’s best interests in mind keeps Moore going back to the local PostNet. “The moment I met Bill and his wife [Eydie, co-owner] and their team, I knew that they weren’t just working at just any franchise,” Moore says. “They really care about their customers’ success.”

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