PostNet Customer Review: Company Bolsters Business Community

Jill Lagan, CEO of the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce, says Jim Ismert’s PostNet has helped community grow.


Boulder City Goes Pink

When the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce decided to raise money for breast cancer research, Jim Ismert of PostNet went the extra mile to raise awareness.

Jim Ismert, who owns the PostNet printing franchise in Boulder City, NV, was named Business Person of the Year by the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce — a huge honor that speaks volumes about the impact Jim and his PostNet Neighborhood Business Center have had on the town of 15,000. We recently had a chance to speak with Chamber of Commerce CEO Jill Lagan about Jim’s contributions.

How has Jim helped Boulder City?
Jim has helped the Chamber on multiple opportunities. He has helped us with special events, giving us discounts that help us raise more money for fundraising. He also lightens our workload so we can concentrate on getting the word out about Boulder City and its businesses. There have been many times when I didn’t have the staff to create banners or documents, and he will handle it so that we have time to get other things done. He sends employees to do deliveries straight to us — that’s a huge plus, because it allows me to keep us here working on other projects. And he has been great for the small businesses around here, setting up their business cards, stationery, signs — things that are key for a small business.

When people need help getting something done for their business, we refer them to Chamber members, and there are things PostNet can do that nobody else can — and Jim has been very good at identifying those needs and creating services for our small town. For instance, when he first came in, there was no place in town to buy office supplies. People had to drive to Hendersonville or Las Vegas. He saw that and started stocking supplies, which really came to the rescue.

Ribbon-StakeWhat sort of things has Jim done to earn recognition as Business Person of the Year?
He does a lot, but one example was an event we do in conjunction with Susan G. Koman to raise awareness about Breast Cancer: Boulder City Goes Pink. We usually do it the third Friday in October, and we tie pink ribbons around every light post, our LED board goes pink, the newspaper is pink, everything in town is pink. The problem we had is that we had a hard time extending the message toward the edges of town because there are so few poles. So Jim created a small poster that a ribbon could be stapled to and staked into the ground. He actually went to a hardware store in a neighboring city and bought a lot of stakes for the project and he and his staff built the signs and stapled the ribbons in place — and he donated everything to the effort.

What Makes Jim’s PostNet special?
It’s actually pretty darn simple. He’s very welcoming when you walk into the store. He takes time to visit with you. He is very involved in the city and likes to know how he can assist you. He’s also very empathetic. He is very in touch with people who are in need. A lot of people take funeral announcements to him — the funeral home works with him — and that’s because he takes a genuine interest in the people coming through his doors. People actually stop to visit with him so much, I don’t know how he gets things done! It’s become the locals’ hangout. People get their Starbucks, then they stop in to visit. He’s just overall a great guy. Everybody in town loves him. He’s well-known, well-liked. When Undercover Boss was on and we realized they had visited Las Vegas, we were like, “Dang! We should have done a campaign to get them here.” It would have been great PR for the city, but it also would have been great for Jim. He’s a great guy and he deserves it.