New PostNet Franchise Opens at West Virginia University

WVU alumni open printing, marketing and design franchise on the Mountaineer campus

PostNet, the leader in the print, design and shipping space, recently announced the opening of a new location on the campus of West Virginia University (WVU).

The new PostNet shipping franchise, owned by WVU alumni and entrepreneurs Doug Van Scoy and Jess Mancini, opened on the third floor of the Evansdale Crossing Building in December 2015.


In today’s fast-changing business environment, PostNet maintains a competitive position by being deliberate, strategic and forward-thinking.

“We look forward to serving the printing, marketing and shipping needs of the students and faculty at West Virginia University, as well as the greater Morgantown community,” Doug says.

The nearly 30,000 Mountaineer students, as well as the 30,000 people who live in the historic city of Morgantown, West Virginia, will benefit from the comprehensive suite of customized print, marketing and design solutions that PostNet provides to its customers.

The full menu of services includes graphic design, full-service digital printing, direct mail, signage, document binding and finishing, and ancillary business services, like private mailbox rental and more. Unlike traditional postal and mailbox franchises, PostNet has strategic partnerships with all of the major logistics companies — UPS, FedEx, U.S. Postal Service and DHL — offering a multi-carrier selection coupled with in-center professional packaging services to meet the individual shipping needs of its customers. PostNet in Morgantown has a physical storefront and an Online Print Center, offering customers the benefits of fast online transactions and traditional face-to-face service.

PostNet has nearly 700 franchises globally and has successfully carved a niche as North America’s best small-business resource.

“Our franchise partners understand the challenges and opportunities that are unique to small businesses in their communities because they are small business owners themselves,” says Steve Greenbaum, co-founder and CEO of PostNet. “Of course there are other providers who design, print and ship, but the culture, guidance and direction we provide small business owners make the difference, creating ongoing partnerships between us and our customers.”

PostNet is rapidly expanding across the nation

In addition to the new shipping franchise in Morgantown, PostNet recently announced plans to add 200 franchise locations to its network, a move that will propel the company’s footprint to nearly 900 locations across 10 countries. The brand currently has franchise opportunities available across the U.S. in markets such as Atlanta, Chicago, Charlotte and Miami, among others, as well as master franchise opportunities overseas.

The demand for new PostNet locations is more apparent than ever before, as the latest economic trends show that the number of entrepreneurs and independent contractors is on the rise in the American economy. There are 27.9 million small businesses in the U.S., and their spending is part of what generates the $380 million annually that goes to printing, shipping and online marketing. PostNet is the only brand capable of serving those millions of small business owners by providing them with the tools and expertise to compete for customers.

“At the end of the day, we are in business to help other businesses succeed,” Steve says. “The reality is, most small business owners have a lot on their plate, and that’s where we come in. Our franchisees provide a full range of back-office solutions — from design to distribution — that support their business and marketing objectives.”


PostNet franchisees have the ability to establish close-knit relationships with their customers by providing the hospitality and services small business owners seek.

PostNet is a great brand for extroverts who like to meet people and are willing to pitch their services, Steve says. It’s a good family business with normal business hours, and it is innovative and ever-evolving.

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