What Makes a PostNet Franchise a Worthy Investment?

The nation’s leading design, printing and shipping franchise is your path to realizing your dreams of small business ownership

The iconic PostNet franchise has been helping entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams of small business ownership since 1993. Evolving from a humble pack and ship model, into the premier design, printing and shipping franchise focused on helping the thousands of small businesses in the communities we serve meet their goals, expand and grow.

Postnet franchise

The 28 million small businesses in the United States are having their best months since the Great Recession, as the Small Business Employment Index reports that hiring is up in record numbers in June 2017.

“In the strongest report since the SBEI’s inception in June 2009, this month’s reading likely stems from a bullish mentality from small businesses as it pertains to the future of the domestic economy,” says Philip Noftsinger, President of CBIZ Employee Services Organization in a press release for June. “This growth in hiring is a positive sign for the U.S. economy, despite the lack of fiscal policy changes we were promised. Nevertheless, continued increases in hiring through the remaining summer months and early fall could fuel GDP growth.”

This focus on growth, as the economy continues to steadily improve, is a tremendous advantage for PostNet franchise owners, who offer a full menu of services designed to help foster continued growth in their local communities.

“Each PostNet location is owned and operated by a local business owner, which means our franchise owners understand firsthand the day-to-day challenges small business owners face and are personally invested in the local partnerships they serve,” says Brian Spindel, President and COO of PostNet. “PostNet franchise owners are local business partners for the local business community; people who truly care about their customers’ success by delivering the right solutions to meet their design, printing and shipping needs.”

No other franchise offers the breadth of services and products as PostNet. PostNet offers a one-stop shop with everything that our customers want and need saving them time and hassle; customers can obtain design services, print various products, and ship with any carrier all within a single PostNet center. PostNet is the leading multi-carrier retail shipper, so franchisees benefit from referrals from all the major shipping and mailing brands, including DHL, FedEx, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service. PostNet has created a one-of- a-kind shopping experience, from the modern center design to the consultative customer service, it all adds up to the PostNet difference which customers come back for time and again.

“Our primary job is to solve problems for our customers,” says Ken Rodes, owner of a PostNet franchise in Davidson, North Carolina. The only way you’ll go out of business is when people run out of problems. We are entirely focused on an exceptional level of customer service, and that separates us from our competitors. When our customers walk out our doors, we make sure that they are confident that they have been taken care of. That makes our customers very loyal. This business is challenging, but you’re always going to be learning — which keeps you alert as a business owner.”

Franchisees enjoy owning and operating PostNet centers because it’s a high-margin business with reasonable business hours allowing for a great owner lifestyle. In addition, the efficient 1,200 sq. foot size and low labor requirement make the business manageable, and the recurring revenue from traditional and virtual private mailbox rental services are a great way to offset overhead costs.

PostNet is actively seeking ambitious professionals that love people and are looking for an opportunity to find a meaningful role in their community. PostNet franchise owners don’t wait for small business owners to walk through their doors, but they are actively engaged as small business advocates and ambassadors,  joining boards of local nonprofits, leadership roles in their local Chamber of Commerce, attending networking events and knowing what small businesses will need before they know they need it.

For Russ Caccamisi, owner of the PostNet franchise in Austin, having an outgoing, people-oriented personality has helped him become one of the top performing PostNet franchisees for several years in a row. Russ and his team have the attention to detail and exceptional customer service that builds lifelong customer relationships and encourages customers to tell their friends.

“With all the construction that’s going on in Austin, it’d be a real missed opportunity not to go out and meet the builders and new business owners,” Russ says. “I enjoy doing this, but honestly, word of mouth and referrals from our customers is how we generate most of our new business. The part of town that we are in is very well-to-do, so if you stress great customer service and get all the details exactly right, you’re going to win them over. Customers have high expectations in our area but so do we, and that matters more than anything.”

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