Increased Business Lending Bodes Well for Printing Franchise

PostNet printing franchise customers are riding a wave of stronger business lending. Here are 3 reasons to be excited.


PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers provide printing, marketing and shipping solutions to local businesses.

PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers provide printing, marketing and shipping solutions to local businesses.

Banks have loosened their lending standards for business loans and are once again saying “yes” to small businesses that are eager to open and expand, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article. That’s big news for the PostNet marketing and printing franchise.

Here are three reasons that increased business lending is a positive development for PostNet marketing and printing franchise owners.

More businesses means more demand for printing franchise

Our core customers are small business owners from start-up to mature. We offer them print and online marketing solutions, as well as mailbox and shipping services, that are designed to help them grow. Our Neighborhood Business Centers are locally owned and operated by franchisees who develop deep roots in local business communities, and who guide local business owners toward cost-efficient strategies to establish their brands and get and keep more customers.

Increased business lending also makes it easier for entrepreneurs to launch businesses. As new businesses launch, we step in to help them get off to a good start. We offer cost-efficient solutions that help new businesses achieve professional polish — such as street addresses for home-based businesses using our mail services, logo design, business cards and brochures, promotional products and more. Our list of services is extensive, but the most important service is easy to pin down: Good advice and good old-fashioned values-based solutions.

PostNet offers businesses a wealth of ideas for ways to market themselves and win and keep customers.

PostNet offers businesses a wealth of ideas for ways to market themselves and win and keep customers.

We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses in each community we serve, and we have expertise that allows us to guide entrepreneurs toward options that will have the best ROI for their businesses.

Our emphasis on consultation and our sincere interest in helping our customers grow helps PostNet printing franchise owners earn referrals and develop deep relationships with our customers, which leads to recurring business.

Business lending means growth, for customers and for us

The Wall Street Journal reports that the six largest U.S. commercial banks saw an 8.3% increase in commercial lending in the first quarter of 2014 compared with a year ago. “The results suggest companies are getting more confident about the economy after years of sluggish growth,” the newspaper writes.

As our customers grow, we do, too. New business owners come to us for logo design, business cards or a grand opening banner; once they experience our exceptional customer service and learn about all the solutions we offer, they often then start coming to us for brochures, help with websites, email marketing campaigns and direct mail marketing solutions.

Once we’ve given customers the tools they need to launch their businesses, we can offer a variety of tools to help them continue to grow. In return, we get a lot of repeat business from entrepreneurs who consider us a partner — not just a vendor.

The lending environment is better for us, too

Increased demand for business lending is only part of the story. As the Wall Street Journal reports, “A January survey of senior bank-loan officers by the Federal Reserve found that 14% of banks had relaxed their standards for commercial and industrial loans to borrowers of all sizes in the fourth quarter. No loan officers reported tightening their standards.”

The availability of loans is great news for PostNet owners who want to invest in additional equipment as their Centers grow, and it’s also great news for people who are interested in starting printing franchises to serve their business communities.

Over the past few years, we’ve had the chance to talk to a lot of great entrepreneurs. It’s no secret that two or three years ago, it was tough to find a loan to start a new business. The lending environment is much, much better now, and our finance department can help you navigate the lending process. If you enjoy meeting other business owners and have a passion for helping them grow, we’d love to talk to you about PostNet. To start a conversation, fill out a form to download our free franchise report, and we’ll be in touch!