How PostNet Marketing Franchise Helps Realtor Sell More Homes

PostNet Neighborhood Business Center is secret weapon for Montana real estate agent

Carroll Anne Sowerby

Carroll Anne Sowerby

The booming housing market in Missoula, Montana, keeps real estate agent Carroll Anne Sowerby on her toes — with little time to spare.

For more than six years, Sowerby has relied on her local PostNet marketing franchise to help her maintain her position as a top producing residential real estate agent at Prudential Missoula Properties. The birth of her son Joseph, in late 2012, now makes time more precious than ever to the University of Montana graduate.

 Luckily, John and Linda Yovetich and their crew at PostNet Missoula are Sowerby’s secret marketing weapon. Year-after-after they have designed, printed and mailed eight direct mail brochures a year for Sowerby.

 She calls the end results of the mailers “just spectacular and very, very effective.”

 “The PostNet direct mail option is absolutely the easiest service,” Sowerby adds. “It’s very easy, practical and affordable all at the same time. These pieces are the only way I have to stay in regular communication with clients and potential clients and they really work.”

 Here’s how it works. The Yovetiches sit down with Sowerby once a year to map out a general strategy for the direct mail campaign. Each mail-out has a different theme, which typically has nothing to do with real estate, but with subjects of interest to Montana residents. Topics can include anything from information about the local fly fishing season to critical information about local flooding, farming or irrigation.

 After the initial planning meeting, Sowerby doesn’t have much to fool with other than making changes to proofs, which are typically mailed to her when they are ready. She gets reminder emails when time is approaching for a new mail project.

 “I have been using the direct mail approach for six or seven years.  PostNet does the hard part for me,” Sowerby says. “The people at PostNet are just the most hard-working, nicest people. Everything with them always goes like clockwork.”

 Sowerby especially appreciates the way the crew at PostNet Missoula helps her come up with good ideas for mailers.

 “The content of the mailers always stands out as a little different from anything else the public sees,” she says. “They aren’t just your typical University of Montana athletic calendars. People tell me all the time that they appreciate them. They aren’t hard core marketing, just a way to keep top of mind with my clients.”

 How does Sowerby know the steady direct campaigns work?

 “Well, it’s pretty obvious,” she says. “The mailers are the only regular ongoing communication I have with clients or future clients. I am continuing to hit sales goals; in fact my sales are a bit hyper these days. Since my business is 97 percent referrals, I just know that much of this can be traced back to the direct mail pieces.”

 Sowerby recounts a recent call from a couple who asked her to put their house on the market. She had worked with the couple once, but hadn’t heard from them for more than five years. “With so many agents, why did you pick me?” she asked the client.

 “I was pleasantly surprised when they told me they still get my mailer,” Sowerby says. “I had made no effort to contact them otherwise. All the mailers did all the work for me.”

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