How Does PostNet Franchise Compare To UPS Store Franchise?

PostNet franchise offers more shipping options, plus website and mobile marketing for small business

An example of one of many websites powered by PostNet.

An example of one of many websites powered by PostNet.

How does a PostNet franchise compare to The UPS Store?

Franchisee candidates ask us that a lot. In fact, many of our franchisees considered The UPS Store first before they discovered PostNet!

Here’s what sets PostNet franchises apart:

Web Services

Long before the UPS Store ever considered it, PostNet has been offering a full-line of comprehensive web services. Franchisees can create websites and mobile sites and provide search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM, sometimes called “pay per click”) to help their clients get and keep more of their own customers. Our franchisees don’t have to be web wizards; PostNet has dedicated service partners powering our web services offering.

These days, small businesses must have a strong web presence as part of their overall marketing strategy, which usually includes direct mail, signs, e-mail marketing and other integrated print materials. Strong and varied web services are one of the key advantages PostNet has over UPS Stores.

Marketing Services

We’re not just vendors for our customers — we’re advisors. PostNet Neighborhood Business Center owners act as mentors to local businesses, advising them on the best ways to spend their marketing dollars, building long-term, trusting relationships.

Customers who need something simple printed or shipped and know exactly what they want, may be able to get it at The UPS Store provided the local owner is capable of producing the job. But if they need more (and most small business owners do), such as consultative marketing support, design services or campaign development, PostNet has a lot more to offer.

PostNet Center owner John Yovetich

PostNet Center owner John Yovetich

John Yovetich, who owns a PostNet Center in Missoula, Mont., has seen customers with tiny budgets grow into multimillion-dollar businesses.

“For one of my longtime customers, who started a company building propane delivery trucks, I am basically his director of marketing. … For small and medium-sized businesses, you are their total marketing resource, and they look to you for advice.”

Full digital printing services

PostNet Centers offer digital printing solutions for customers with immediate needs, and also have partnerships with the largest and most extensive outsourced print networks in the country. Our quick in-store turnarounds, high level of service, and nationwide network of providers allows us to offer a one-stop solution for our business customers. And since we tap into the power of our relationships with other vendors, you are able to offer a vast array of services — and enjoy a substantial profit margin — without investing in specialized equipment.

A Choice of Carriers for Shipping

image_packingWith the name “The UPS Store,” you can guess which company is going to handle the shipping for your package. And that’s great if UPS is the service your customers and their clients prefer. PostNet is an authorized shipping partner of UPS — but also of FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service, and DHL for international shipping.

How PostNet does things differently

PostNet offers more services than The UPS Store and other competitors because we want to be a comprehensive resource for small businesses in our communities. Small business owners work hard enough without having to weigh various service options and choices – that’s we’re we come in. We help ensure their marketing stays on track, their printing gets done professionally and accurately, and deadlines get met. And, perhaps most importantly, business customers like knowing that a PostNet owner is like them — a business owner committed to the community, and fully aware of the challenges small businesses face and how much difference the right support can make.

Interested in learning more about our business, and why we’re confident the evolving economy is generating millions of potential clients for our services? Read our research PostNet pages to learn all about the company, and you can also find Q&As with PostNet franchisees on our blog. To get in touch, fill out a quick application form or give us a call at 877-373-6734. We look forward to speaking with you!