First-Time Entrepreneur Opens New PostNet Franchise in El Paso, Texas

Barely into his thirties, a young entrepreneur plans to make a better life for his family as a marketing services franchise owner in his local community

As the leading marketing services franchise, PostNet is attracting a new wave of young entrepreneurs who are coupling their tech savvy and their passion for local businesses with the proven PostNet business model. The latest young entrepreneur to join the rapidly growing PostNet franchise network is Javier Ferrer, who opened the doors to his new PostNet business in the heart of El Paso, Texas, at the end of June.

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At age 31, Javier is ambitious, optimistic and passionately driven to become the leading provider of marketing services solutions for the small businesses in El Paso. After graduating from college with a degree in business, Javier spent the next eight years working his way up the corporate ladder of a national trucking company, where he eventually became district manager in charge of eight corporate locations and 16 satellite locations. This experience gave him the confidence that he could run his own business, and with his wife’s blessing, he started researching franchise opportunities in earnest.

“I always knew that my ultimate goal was to own my own business,” Javier says. “My mother owns a small business, as do two of my uncles, so being an entrepreneur is in my DNA. I became interested in franchising because of the obvious benefits: if you pick the right brand, you get a proven business model to help launch your business right out of the gate, as well as leadership to guide your brand going forward. It’s still a risk to open your own business, but if you choose correctly, franchising means that you aren’t going into business alone.”

The “a-ha moment” came after Javier discovered the PostNet franchise after weeks of researching other opportunities. The fact that the iconic brand has fully embraced the modern small business economy by evolving its business model to focus on marketing services solutions fully appealed to Javier’s sense of what is important, but perhaps more importantly, allowed him to imagine life as a successful PostNet franchise owner decades down the road.

“That PostNet has remained a relevant brand for decades through the evolution into marketing services gave me a lot of confidence to move forward,” Javier says. “When I went to Discovery Day to meet the executive team in Denver, Colorado, the deal was sealed from my perspective. I saw that this was a brand that really cared about local economies, as well as the profitability of their franchise owners in both the short-term as well as in the future. I knew that I made the right decision.”

Realizing the dream of opening a local marketing services franchise in El Paso

Javier is three weeks into his new life as a marketing services franchise owner in El Paso. After marketing in the local area for a few weeks before opening in an up-and-coming shopping center, Javier is confident that the strong customer showing he has seen since he opened his doors will only grow as the small business community learns more about what PostNet can provide.

PostNet is way out in front of our competitors in the rapidly growing marketing services industry — the Titanic-sized brands aren’t nimble, local or authentic enough to be the local partner that the small business owner depends on.

PostNet offers a one-stop shop for small business services, including digital printing, marketing and shipping.

PostNet offers a one-stop shop for small business services, including digital printing, marketing and shipping.

Javier is excited about the range of services his business will provide to the El Paso small business community — including graphic design, full-service digital printing, direct mail, signage, document binding and finishing, and ancillary business services, like private mailbox rental and more. Unlike traditional postal and mailbox franchises, PostNet has strategic partnerships with all of the major logistics companies — UPS, FedEx, U.S. Postal Service and DHL — offering a multi-carrier selection, coupled with in-center professional packaging services to meet the shipping needs of our customers.

“I’m in the store every day, but I am really focusing on hitting the streets, networking with other small business owners and making the community aware that there is a local marketing services provider that can meet their needs,” Javier says. “We’ve had strong sales so far, and I have a great staff that I believe in. The training that PostNet has provided me with to get my business off the ground has been exceptional. I am excited to reach out to the most successful franchise owners in our network and pick their brains. My main goal is to get my business established as soon as possible.”

PostNet franchise owners are meaningful members of their communities

After kicking off the year with exciting center openings in California, West Virginia, Connecticut, Georgia, and New York, Javier’s location in Texas is the latest PostNet marketing services franchise to enter a new community. The iconic brand’s outlook for the rest of 2016 is strong. Throughout the year, PostNet will continue executing its strategic growth plan, expanding the brand into untapped and existing markets domestically and overseas.


“I hope to open multiple PostNet locations in the future,” Javier says. “I want my two young children to grow up to see their father as a successful entrepreneur who is involved in the community. PostNet shares the values that I think of as important — the same values that I want to pass along to my children. For now, I’m focusing on making my first store a success. There’s a lot of work to do, but I am confident that I will get there.”

Learn more about starting a PostNet franchise

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