Digital Printing Industry Expected to More than Double

PostNet printing franchises offer local customers opportunity for collaboration, which leads to walk-in customers and long relationships

The digital printing industry is expected to more than double by 2024, providing a growing stream of revenue potential for PostNet printing franchise owners, according to a recent report from Smithers PIRA.

For PostNet franchise owners, who provide a wide range of services including digital printing and graphic design, the uptick is good news: The digital printing, online marketing and shipping market has an expected combined value of more than $380 billion. On its own, the digital printing industry will grow by some 250 percent in the next decade.

For PostNet franchise owners, the opportunity is even larger. IBIS World reports that small and medium-sized businesses are the primary consumers of digital printing, which has almost half of the printing market share with annual revenue around $10 billion and annual growth between 2009 and 2014 of more than 4 percent.

So how does PostNet differentiate itself in a growing and increasingly crowded market?

Customers want suppliers to become more service-oriented, offering solutions as opposed to just products. PostNet’s Neighborhood Business Center model facilitates collaboration and one-on-one interaction between PostNet franchise owners and their customers.

The need for short-run, demand-driven work is also on the rise. Digital technology, like that found in PostNet centers, makes it possible to produce professional-quality short-run print materials, which allows us to provide customers with the tools they need to win more business.

Also, as a one-stop shop, PostNet provides myriad services that businesses need, such as graphic design, shipping and digital marketing strategies. The complete set of services — which is unmatched — saves our customers tremendous time that they would have spent hunting for vendors or attempting to do work themselves when they could be concentrating on their core business.

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