Consulting Franchise Helps Small Businesses Master Marketing, Logistics

PostNet consulting franchise is perfect for people who want to help small business owners grow


For small business owners, a good partnership is golden. It’s crucial to have help when you’re working to serve your customers and find new ones, and PostNet has grown into a worldwide brand by being a reliable partner for entrepreneurs. Our consulting franchise provides marketing and logistics advice and solutions that help America’s more than 27 million small and medium-sized businesses.

PostNet loves small businesses. We offer printing, shipping, graphic design and a host of other services that are designed to help business owners successfully market their services. Although most people might call us a printing franchise, marketing franchise or even a shipping franchise, we consider ourselves to be, first and foremost, a consulting franchise. Our franchisees listen to customers, learn about their businesses and craft custom solutions to help them.

Franchisees who share a passion for helping small businesses are a tremendous asset to the business marketplace. Small businesses create most of the new jobs in the United States, so by helping other businesses succeed, PostNet franchisees lift entire communities.

As small businesses look for help staying on top of their marketing and logistics needs, the demand for consulting franchises is up. According to U.S. clients surveyed by market researcher Source Information Services, the U.S. market for management consulting grew to $39.3 billion between 2011 and 2012. PostNet is filling that demand for small businesses by presenting themselves as true consultants in the marketing and logistics space.

Whether PostNet is working on a direct mail campaign, designing a website, or shipping new brochures, franchisees are always focused on how those materials are helping their clients thrive. Mike Ferretti, a franchisee in North Carolina, is a good example. “I like consulting with the customer, providing ideas and suggestions, and then building the job, whether it is a complex job where we have to print a lot and assemble the pieces into a finished product, or something simpler,” he says.

Ferretti recognizes that small businesses are taking advantage of consultation, as well as constantly looking for ways to save money and earn a return on their marketing. “The people we work with tend to be busy professionals, and the best compliment I get is when they need us to create something and they say, ‘Just make it happen – we trust that it’s going to be great,’” he says. Ferretti believes that what sets PostNet apart is the relationships that owners build with their customers. “When a customer starts to trust us, and they know they can come to us with a challenge and we’ll make it okay? We’ve won,” he says.

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PostNet is a marketing consulting franchise that provides printing and logistics solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. PostNet has been repeatedly recognized by Franchise Business Review for its high franchisee satisfaction scores, and we have been named a top franchise opportunity by Entrepreneur magazine for 21 years in a row. To learn more, visit our research pages or fill out a form to download our free franchise report and start a conversation. You also can read what PostNet franchisees have to say about us on our PostNet franchise blog. We look forward to talking with you!