Charlotte Observer Interviews PostNet Franchise Owner Mike Ferretti

North Carolina newspaper features owner of four design, print, and shipping franchise locations to learn what drives him to be successful

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The Charlotte Observer recently featured Mike Ferretti, owner of four PostNet design, print, and shipping franchise locations in the Charlotte, North Carolina, metropolitan area as part of the newspaper’s “Work This Way” series. The series focuses on how local business professionals get ahead, and Mike answered a series of questions to learn how his daily routine keeps his PostNet locations in tip-top shape.

Mike answers the, “What’s your daily routine?” question with an honest reflection about how life as a businessman is also the life of a father:

“I like to have about 30-45 minutes to check emails, go over my schedule and calendar. On the mornings that I need to run around and get my two daughters ready for the school day, I typically only have about 10 minutes.”

PostNet design, print, and shipping franchise owner says being a good listener is key

Mike also revealed himself to be an introvert, saying that the most successful businesspeople listen to their customers, rather than selling to them:

“I am actually an introvert,” he says in the article. “But like they say, introverts make the best salespeople because we actually listen.”

When asked, “What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?” Mike answers that any type of work should contribute to generating revenue:

“When working, take a minute to stop and think about whether the task you are doing is generating any money,” Mike says in the article. “Many times, this has gotten me back on track and prevented me from wasting time on non-revenue-generating tasks so I can focus on growing my business.”

PostNet contributes to the success of every community we are in

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In another lengthy interview, Mike discussed how his management role at a PostNet design, print, and shipping franchise inspired him to go into business for himself. After buying the store he once managed, Mike proceeded to buy three more stores in the Charlotte area. Why? Because our company provides industry-leading support, training, and guidance to ensure that our shipping franchises are dynamic contributors to their local business communities.

“When a customer starts to trust us, and they know they can come to us with a challenge and we’ll make it okay, you’ve won,” Mike says. “We will work our magic to get things done. People will come to us for help getting things done on deadline. The people we work with tend to be busy professionals, and the best compliment I get is when they need us to create something and they say, ‘Just make it happen — we trust that it’s going to be great.’ They don’t ask to see proofs, they give us full control over the project — and they know it’s going to look great and help them in their business.”

Mike says that PostNet stands out from the competition because our owners engage with their community, build relationships, and act in a supportive role to local businesses to ensure that the community at large continues to thrive.

“I get out in the community to introduce PostNet at networking events, and we also educate customers once they come into the store,” he says. “They might ask about banners, and we educate them about posters, too. But the most important thing isn’t the product — it’s the relationship, and that’s what we try to build with our customers.”

PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers make life easier for local businesses by providing graphic design, marketing, printing, and logistics solutions that help them reach and win more customers. The range of services we offer makes us unique, as does the personal business relationship that our franchisees are able to offer fellow entrepreneurs in their communities.

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