The 6 Core Values that Guide the PostNet Franchise

What motivates the PostNet franchise, and what do we look for in franchisees?

For more than 20 years, PostNet has been guided by six core values. Those values have helped us build a strong franchise system that makes a valuable contribution to the communities and customers we serve. One of the reasons Entrepreneur magazine has named us a top franchise opportunity for 21 consecutive years is that we value and encourage leadership and teamwork. We seek out and respect entrepreneurs, and we look for people who are eager to work together to build a great brand.

When we interview potential franchisees, we look for partners who share these values:

Care for the Whole: As small business owners serving small businesses, PostNet franchise owners are thoughtful and considerate of others; strive to make a difference; and, whether through a single unit of or the development of an entire region, aim to support the greater good of their customers and the entire franchise organization.


Be Engaged: PostNet’s engaged franchise owners show up ready to do business every day and actively participate in the organization.They are committed to attending regional meetings and workshops, PostNet’s annual convention and online forums, and they regularly take advantage of the tools, training and business support PostNet provides. Successful PostNet franchisees see the value in being a team player.

Champion Change: PostNet’s evolution into a one-stop resource for small businesses and busy consumers underscores the need for franchise owners to be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things; to lead, inspire and embrace change across the organization; and to continuously look for opportunities to improve their customer service and support of PostNet’s Neighborhood Business Center model.

Attitude + Execution = Performance: Whether they are just starting out or are seasoned veterans, PostNet franchise owners exhibit a can-do attitude that makes the entire organization successful; they employ great systems and understand the value of great customer service with a smile; and, perhaps above all else, they understand that those traits can’t be exhibited in a silo: One without the others is not excellence.

Own It: PostNet encourages its franchise owners to be accountable for their actions, be reliable and be people the community can count on. They also operate the same way at their franchise headquarters in Denver, Colorado, and strive to lead by example.

Lead with Clarity and Purpose: PostNet owners are encouraged to communicate expectations and agree on the desired result, whether it’s with each other, their team members or PostNet’s headquarters support staff. The final goal? Help others succeed, know where you’re going and want you want to accomplish.

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