Award-winning Printing Franchise Growing in Central Texas

PostNet printing franchise already has 11 Neighborhood Business Centers in Austin, San Antonio and Corpus Christi


Small business is the backbone of the American economy. It’s where many great ideas and innovations start, and it’s where economic growth gets most of its muscle. According to the SBA, 55% of all jobs since the 1970s have come from America’s small businesses.

But how do small businesses stand out? Not every small business owner is a marketing whiz, and small and medium-sized businesses usually don’t have the resources to establish their own marketing departments — yet, in order to compete effectively, they need to have a solid brand identity and professional-looking marketing materials, both in print and online. And they need to have an effective strategy for reaching customers.

That’s why PostNet Neighborhood Business Centers are such a valuable part of the communities we serve. We partner with owners of small and medium-sized businesses to provide them with a range of services — digital printing, email and online marketing, direct mail marketing, signs, graphic design, forms, newsletters, menus and more — that are designed to help them win customers and grow their businesses. Our technologies and services are designed to make professional, Fortune 500-caliber marketing materials available to small businesses.

PostNet printing franchise is growing in Central Texas

PostNet began franchising in 1993 and has been rated a top franchise opportunity by Entrepreneur magazine for 21 years in a row, and it has also won a string of awards for franchisee satisfaction from Franchise Business Review. The system has more than 700 locations worldwide. Eleven are in Texas — seven in the Austin area, three in San Antonio and one in Corpus Christi.

PostNet and its franchise owners have grown by providing marketing support to their business communities they serve.

The Central Texas franchise owners are supported by Jim and David Petty, who own one of the locations in Austin.

“This area is thriving,” Jim Petty says.

David adds: “There are thousands of small businesses, and they need our services. If you are willing to get out there, network with other business owners and help them understand the assistance you can offer their businesses, then you can build a great business center.”

You don’t have to have a particular background in order to be successful. PostNet provides a wealth of training, ongoing support, and relationships to help you serve your customers, as well as marketing support and a strong network of franchisees who work together to support each other’s businesses.

Central Texas PostNet owners include a retired Army major, a former VP of marketing, an ex-real estate agent and a welder. With the right attitude, anyone can succeed.

Market overview

According to the Austin Chamber of Commerce, 95% of the businesses in Central Texas have 50 employees or fewer. That’s a key figure for PostNet. Small business owners must juggle a variety of functions to help their businesses succeed. Marketing is one of those functions, but it’s a responsibility that many small business owners struggle with because they either lack the knowledge, the skills or the time to create professional-looking materials and execute a strong marketing strategy. PostNet takes much of the burden off their shoulders, providing expert guidance and then executing marketing plans, which allows businesses to focus on their core services while we help them gain visibility.

Here are more key numbers:

40,966: The number of businesses with 99 employees or fewer in Greater Austin as of 2011, according to the Austin Chamber of Commerce. Of those, 33,641 had 1-19 employees.

39,403: The number of businesses with 99 employees or fewer in metro San Antonio as of 2008 according to the SABÉR Research Institute. Of those, 33,943 had 1-19 employees.

No. 1 and No. 2: Austin’s and San Antonio’s respective ranking in a list of metro areas with the most economic momentum heading into 2014, according to a study published on

No. 4: Corpus Christi’s ranking on the list of Best Midsize Cities for Jobs 2013.

Learn more about ‘the business behind America’s small business’

PostNet franchises have an outsized impact in their communities by becoming a go-to resource for small business customers. As you grow your business, you’ll be helping other businesses grow. To learn more, fill out a form to download our free franchise report and start a conversation, or visit our blog to read stories from franchise owners like Greg Claiborne, who owns a PostNet Center in Round Rock, Texas. You can also call us directly at 866-379-5649. We look forward to talking with you!